Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We are back from vacation! It was so much fun. Despite the crazy weather in southern california we adventured from the Zoo to the Aquarium to Universal Studios with many other stops in between. And the Lego store at Downtown Disney was by far the best 3 hours we spent shopping :) Courtney is a Lego-maniac right now (egged on by her dad) and we had way too much fun shopping and playing in the Lego store.
Now we are home and back to school and work. And it is tax season which means I'm back at my fantastic accountant's office helping out with taxes and whatnot. It is busy, but its so much fun!
Coming up are a trip to Uncle Nony's house in Washington for a birthday extravaganza and hopefully some great family mini-trips a little more local.
The studio is doing great. My staff is amazing and I'm so fortunate to have each and every one of them. Valentines Day is coming and lots of adorable gifts are being made. And we are frantically planning Spring Break Camps so be on the lookout for flyers for that. Meanwhile come in and paint something bright and sunny to prepare for really is right around the corner.
My peace today is that I'm doing something I love and learning lots while doing it. My love is my daughter and how well she is handling the adjustment to me being back at "work" for awhile. And my pottery is the fantastic coffee mug I use at my office desk for tea in the morning.
May you all have Peace, Love and Pottery as well!

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Sara A. Lehto said...

Hi Miss Kate :) I really like the name of your blog and this post on peace, love and pottery is really sweet. I admire how family, work and fun is intertwined in your life. Miss you guys at Brushfire!